Whining DOES work!

If you’ve read my previous posts, you’d have heard me whining about gear itemisation in Icecrown for us Elemental Shamans. Although it makes me feel bad for whining so much, but guess what? I guess whining does work because Blizzard finally see the need to give us hybrid casters some love.  If you go take a look on mmo-champion, they posted a note from the blues on some weapon stats changes from Arthas drops. Although it’s not the perfect weapon for us, we lose so much hit with Icecrown gear, what we need is a weapon with spell power, haste and hits. But I’ll settle for spell power, haste and crits. Just have to make up the hits from elsewhere.
Also from a blue post this week, the limited tries in normal Icecrown is going to be scrapped altogether. I have no idea why they brought that in at the beginning, if your group is good enough, the amount of tries will not stop them from downing the Bosses and if your group just isn’t good enough, no amount of tries will help you, and that’s if your group don’t give up before long.

Love is in the Air is upon us once again, but his year with a bit of difference. They changed most of the quests from the previous year and you do not rely so much on the RNG to complete the achievement now. I never got to do any of this last year on this character so I had to start from scratch on all the achievement for this event.
To my surprise, I  got the Love Fool title the very same night all thanks to Ulduar! Spent a couple of hours in Ulduar killing the trash before the Flame Leviathan fight and got enough Charms to buy all the items needed. The new holiday dungeon boss was easy but I doubt I’ll ever get to see the Love Rocket drop any time soon. When it comes to random mount drops, I have the worst luck. The neck pieces they drop here are the equivalent to the ones you can buy with your conquest badges, all item level 226. So if you a fresh level 80, you can save yourself 19 emblems and pick up the neck for your class pretty easy.

So, on to the raiding, tonight, we finally got to see the Frost wing and get to wake up Valithria Dreamwalker. This is an interesting fight where healing is more of the focus in order to succeed. Healers finally get Blood Lust just for themselves and not all about for dps. After a few wipes, we got Valithria up and as usual, the drops are terrible. I get another staff which I’ll probably never use unless I’m really stretch for hits.
Got to see Sindragosa in flesh, or bones in this case. Didn’t make much progress on it before we had to call it for time. Seeing how this fight’s mechanics are easier than Dreamwalker, I think we’ll get her down next time.

I don’t like taking screenshots when I’m playing, or rather I just keep forgetting taking screenshots before or after a fight, that’s why there’s a lack of pictures in this blog. I’ll try to remind myself to take more screenshots so I can put them up here. And here’s one I took earlier just before we get Sindragosa to appear.


We didn't come here for the view!


~ by pulverise on February 9, 2010.

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