You lost that loving feeling

Having praised Blizzard for giving us Elemental Shaman a dps boost, they gone and take away one of our biggest upgrade in the form of 4 piece tier 10 bonus.
The old bonus of cutting Lava Burst by 1.5 seconds was a god sent because that’s our biggest damage spell in our arsenal, but now our Lava Burst just refresh our Flame Shocks for a further 6 seconds? That’s totally redundant and pointless. With so much running around in ICC on Bosses, you won’t hurt your rotation by throwing in the extra Flame Shock as it’ll be a filler spell while running around, so by refreshing it just makes it pointless.

Trust Blizzard to build up our hopes in one hand and take away more with the other. 😦


~ by pulverise on February 3, 2010.

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