At last! A little loving from Blizzard!

It’s not easy being an Elemental Shaman in WoW. People just expect so much from you and for some reason, you just can’t seem to deliver what is expected of you even though your gear suggest otherwise. The problem with an Elemental Shaman is you are never supposed to top the dps chart if other dps in your raid knows what they’re doing. You’re there to make other casters look even better than what they should be. Is it the player’s fault? Partly, but more importantly, Blizzard just made the mechanics as such that an Elemental Shaman is nothing more than an utility player in the raiding cog. With so many gimmick fights in Icecrown and the constant repositioning needed for players to survive, it hits the casters hard on the dps front, especially with an Elemental Shaman who relies so heavily on a tight spell rotation to squeeze every last ounce of dps out of a fight that if you can’t be stationary for any stretch of time, you will not see your name appear anywhere near the top of the dps chart. Of course I’m talking in a perfect raiding group where everyone knows their class inside out and the discrepancy in each class will be more prevalent.

Throughout the Wrath of Lich King expansion, we been asking Blizzard to buff us up to bridge our dps gap with others, all we got so far has been the change to our Fire Nova totem. To be honest, they may aswel not be bothered with that change. It did add a more viable option to our AoE, but how many of us are really that bothered about how much dps we do on trash? Blizzard know we are under powered, so I’m delighted to hear about the upcoming change to our dps boost in patch 3.2.2 
We will now get a flat 5% dps boost which will bring us more competitive with other classes. It would be ridiculous to boost us so much that we can overtake the pure dps class, afterall, we’re a hybrid class, for anyone to think we should be on par with the likes of Rogues and Mages etc is just being silly. So I’m really happy with our little dps boost Blizzard is going to implement in our next patch, now all I’m asking is for Blizzard to think long and hard about itemisation to mail gear. If you take a look through the loot list from ICC, there’s hardly any suitable mail gear for an Elemental Shaman. While my guild leader is very understanding to allow me to roll on cloth gear, I’m still quite reluctant to take cloth gear from our mages and warlocks. So here’s hoping Blizzard will see some sense and give us more options as far as mail gear is concerned.

Now on to the raiding front. I haven’t really done much this week except the 10man ICC on tuesday. We have Queen Lana’thel left in crimson wing, I hope we will get a good run on Monday and get her before the final wing opens on tuesday. The Blood Prince council fight wasn’t all that hard, and because I was assigned the job of keeping the kinetic bombs from hitting the ground, I found myself bored out of my mind in that fight. Staring at the ceiling during the whole fight isn’t what I would call exciting, and when you can’t even use a macro to target the kinetic bombs, it makes targetting them that much  harder if you happen to get a gravitus cloud on you to block your view. Our 25 man group have Festergut and Rotface down while I been away with personal engagements. I hope it’s not just some dumb luck they got through and they can repeat that success when I’m back raiding full time. Putricide will really test if they’ve learned anything at all in the Rotface fight.


~ by pulverise on February 1, 2010.

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