Happy belated New Year

Been a while since I updated this blog because of the holiday season the guild’s lack of raids. With the new wing open in Icecrown Citadel, things are starting to get interesting. If you have the notion of Icecrown being a faceroll, you better have a rethink, Rotface and Festergut, though not overtly hard, it’ll pose more of a challenge than you previously had in ICC. Rotface is a fight where you will need to pay attention for the duration of the fight and Festergut is a total gear check because of the short enrage timer. Haven’t had a chance to see Putricide yet because my guild only had 1 day of raid time since the new wing opened.
News about Blizzard is going to make changes to Shaman’s Tier 10 4 set bonus is still unclear at this time, will have to see if the change is going to be positive or negative before I’m going to comment on it.
On WoW.com this past month, there’s been a lot of blog post from Adam Holisky writing trash again, first he post about wow players are pressing it’s own self destruct button because of all he QQing, then he pick up some positive changes to how Blizzard is going to restore hacked account and made it into a negative piece. Here’s a link to that very post.
May I remind you all how Blizzard is dealing with hacked account right now. They’ll get you on the phone and verify a few details, then they’ll put you in a queue to roll back the date before your account got hacked and restore all the items you lost, albeit with a wait time of generally a couple of weeks. Tell me if I’m wrong here, if Blizzard is going to give those of you that got hacked, a packaged deal to facilitate the process of restoring your account, isn’t that a good thing for those to take the packaged deal if the account didn’t really have that much valuable items in it? And here’s something really funny, and I’m going to quote what Mr Holisky said, “ If the player does not accept this care package, they are then forced to go into a character restoration queue that is consistently several days to weeks long.” Woah, hang on a second buddy, you are forced into a queue??? What was the alternative before the news of this? That’s right, you are in a queue to get your items restored anyway. What a load of bollocks. If anyone’s pressing the self destruct button, it’s people like him that is out there feeding false information to players to whip up a frenzy. If you are one of the readers of WoW.com, may I suggest you engage your brain and analyze the info before you start your QQing in Blizz forums.

On another note, I’ve played a lot of console games on my XBox 360. Bayonetta is a totally awesome game with beautiful graphics and the fights are amazingly choreographed with completely over the top effects, sometimes you just get lost in what’s going on and end up button mashing. If you enjoyed Devil May Cry, this game might not have the technical panache of DMC, but it certainly made up for it in its sheer exuberance.
Also played the demo for Dante’s Inferno, it’s similar to Bayonetta in it’s game mechanics, but the story seems a little more immersive, oh and lots of boobies 🙂

Will update again soon after I had more raid time. In the mean time, keep doing your daily random and build up those Frost emblems 🙂


~ by pulverise on January 10, 2010.

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