Welfare Epics and Why I hate the idea of them

“I pay the same amount of monthly fee as all others, so why are the top end gear are only available to a select few?”

I think Blizzard must have heard that complaint way too many times and are giving in more and more with each and every content patch they implement into the game.  Forget about all those Blizzard fanboys and sympathizers who will come out and defend every decision Blizzard make whether it made any sense at all. I like Blizzard, but not to the point where I would be happy to take any crap they throw at us and tell us it’s a neccessity in order for the game to thrive. We already live in a world where political correctness is going way over the top and people are too quick to jump in to defend what isn’t there to defend in the first place. People are not equal simply because we don’t lead the same lives. These “Casual” WoW players who complain not being able to get the top end raiding gear because they don’t have time to raid, I have just one question for you.

Why the fuck do you need raiding gear if you don’t raid in the first place?!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m by no means a hard core raider myself, but when I see other people with the latest end game epics, it’s something I aspire to work towards. If I really want them bad enough, I would find myself a top end guild and work for them, not by getting them handed to me by Blizzard simply through some whiny posts in forums and such.
There are different levels of gamers, we should know our level. I’m useless in first person shooter, when I play Modern Warfare and can’t kill a single person in online play, I know I have 2 choices. Either work on my game and be good at it, but in my case, that’s near impossible since I suffer from motion sickness playing those kind of games, or I can just look for something else to play. You can’t cater for everyone, it only creates conflicts, while the “casual” players gets to enjoy themselves by literally doing nothing, it makes the gaming experience more and more intolerable for everyone else who do spend their time working on their skills. Gear alone doesn’t make you a better player, it just gives you a false sense of invincibility. Instead of teaching the unskilled players to brush up on their skill, Blizzard just keep throwing gear in their face to shut them up. How many players have you grouped with that are better geared than you but still be a burden to your group and than turn around and blame you for their failure? They have forgotten to learn the basic skill because they’ve gotten their gear by just turning up to a raid and spend an entire fight face down because they didn’t know fire on the ground isn’t actually a buff for your spells.
This is like giving someone a Ferrari before they have their license, they might think they can handle the car because it’s parked outside their drive, but in reality, they’re a danger to themselves and people around them. If this trend continues, people who are pioneers, who are driving this game forward are going to look for something else that will give them more of a challenge, than you’re left with the mediocre and the bad. Sooner or later, you’ll just have to show up to a raid and all the Bosses will drop dead with a push of a button and fill your bag with epics and people will still complain because they have to push a button to kill the bosses. This might sound a little pessimistic, but with Blizzard’s latest track record, you can never say never.


~ by pulverise on December 20, 2009.

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