The new dungeons

Having had more time to play around with the new additions to Patch 3.3, my impression is pretty mixed. Blizzard introduced some great changes to the patch, like the new dungeon finder feature. Now you don’t have to worry about meeting people who are really under geared to do Halls of Reflection with you because the game will now calculate your gear and put you into appropriate dungeons if you decide to do a random Heroic. I’ve been in a pug for Pits of Saron and Halls of Reflection and beside a little mishaps along the way, we successfully completed both of those dungeons, whereas if I had been paired with some fresh level 80s, there’s really no way we could have done those. We all know gear doesn’t make a player, but it certainly helps especially with the new dungeons where gear really does play a vital part.
All 3 new dungeons are pretty short and there are no more than 3 Bosses in each. Forge of Souls, while quite beautifully designed, it didn’t inspire me the slightest, the Bosses were predictable and there’s nothing you haven’t already seen in other dungeons. Pit of Saron is where things starts to get interesting, the gauntlet run was pretty good the first time you come face to face with it, especially if you jump straight into the deep end and do Heroic mode before you get to taste it in normal mode first. In Halls of Reflection, the Arthas chase was something else. You really feel the urgency to clear your path before Arthas catches up to you, with my pug, we literally made it just in time with no time to spare before Arthas had a chance to annihilate us all.

Now the not so good part. Dungeon Finders. It always blows my mind as to how stupid or ignorant some players are that plays this game. This is a great feature that facilitate the need to shout for groups in LFG channel, or on my server, spams through the Trade channel. Yet here we are, 2 days after the patch, people are still spamming trade for groups. Really?? Do people not look at the features added to the patch? I don’t want to go into a main city and have my trade channel bombarded with spams because people are too stupid to use the dungeon finder, you don’t even need to make your way to the instance as it teleports you right inside once they have enough people. The other thing I have a problem with is the new Ice Crown raid. It always feels good to down new Bosses in the game for the first time, but please Blizzard, make it a bit more challenging, the only reason people will have to spend more time than neccessary in there is the amount of trash. The first time you walk into ICC, you can literally see the Boss as you enter, but it still takes a good 20-30 minutes just to clear the trash before you can reach him. Having so much trash in such a confined space only leads to 1 thing. People will accidentally pull other groups they’re not ready for. If this is the only way Blizzard can make a raid wipe, than they really need to buckle up their ideas because the Bosses themselves don’t really possess a threat once you know the main mechanics of the fight. And the loot from ICC, I don’t know whether the people involved had way too much to drink when they came up with the itemisation on the gear, or Blizzard just having a laugh with us. Most of the stats don’t even make sense and even with the ring you can get from your rep inside, there’s no options for a plate dps. Plate dps need strength, so why on earth are there not a single ring that gives strength?

Blizzard brought some nice new changes with this patch, but I can’t help but feel there just isn’t enough content to last us through till the next expansion. Once they release all the Bosses in ICC, I’m afraid people will get tire of doing the same limited content over and over. the good news is next year, we’ll see tons of AAA titles for the consoles, that should keep some people occupied before Catalysm hits the store. Let’s hope the new expansion will come sooner rather than later.


~ by pulverise on December 11, 2009.

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